Industrial Process optimization and cost reduction with HyperWorks and solidThinking Inspire

In the past two years, Cellino created an internal project called ICRED that stands for INNOVATION COST REDUCTION DISTRICT.  This department has all the necessary skills to support, in order to optimize and to reduce costs, an entire re-engineering process for trucks, agricultural machinery, construction and earthmoving machinery. In order to offer a complete Product development and services platform, we start using the HyperWorks Suite. Together with our clients , we start analyzing current components or new production with the use of solidThinking inspire, then we develop a new cad model and make the first stress tests (HyperMesh-OptiStruct)  in order to choose the best material from a quality and costs point of view. All the projects we develop are feasible from a process production point of view.

We applied this concept to the fuel tank brackets project. Our client asked us to find a solution in order to reduce cost and, if possible increase the quality of the product. We developed a component that allows the client to reduce costs consistently, improve the quality and standardize the different configurations. With the use of HyperWorks suite, we manage to give the client a product:

  • Feasible from a production point of view – HyperForm

  • With better stress / displacement values

  • Lighter and standardize


The Author

Daniel Baraboi
Cellino Technical Department
Cellino Group