Aerodynamical simulation of a cabriolet softtop roof system with Virtual Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamical forces always affect the behavior of a convertible soft-top roof system while driving. For this reason it is necessary to consider such loads in the development of roof systems already in early project phases to avoid malfunctions and optical defects and meet the customer requirements. An easy approach to simulate these systems in different roof positions and at different vehicle velocities is the use of Virtual Wind Tunnel. From these simulations necessary values such asĀ  pressure distributions and single loads can be obtained and used in further analysis. In early development stages, however, mandatory geometrical information of vehicle body are not available. Therefore different simplifications of vehicle body are done to examine the impact of missing structures on the aerodynamical results concerning the roof system. The objective is to define and create simple analogues vehicle body models, which leads to acceptable results and supports concept decisions with virtual methods.

The Author

Mohamed Aymen Slimani
Diploma Student, University of Stuttgart
Magna Car Top Systems GmbH