Indent Tests for Explosive Equation of State Determination

Generally, only the mass is considered as important parameter when detonation and blast problems are approached. The shape however, also plays an important role in the effect of an explosive charge. The charge shape has to be taken into account in order to make the best estimation possible of its effects. The shape effect however is only significant within a certain range from the charge. At longer distance, the shock front tends to be spherical. Numerical simulations have given good qualitative agreement with available experimental data. Several length-to-diameter ratios have been simulated. This allows determining the distance of significant shape effect in function of length-to-diameter ratio. A 2D axisymmetrical approach has been carried out with RADIOSS and then compared with a 3D approach involving the enhanced “Law 51”. An indentation test made with a cylindrical charge of emulsion has been carried out on aluminium plate and compared with numerical simulation.


The Author

Dr. Michel Arrigoni
Associate Professor
ENSTA Bretagne