Development and Optimization of Particular Components of a Formula Student Racecar with HyperWorks

Applying computer aided simulation into the development process brings up a high level of optimization potential, which can not only be reached by analytical evaluation.

This presentation will show the advantages of using HyperWorks as an entire CAE simulation software in a formula student team. The Racetech Racing Team of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg will describe typical application areas by demonstrating selected examples of optimized racecar parts. Thereby, the three main applications, topology optimizations, linear static stress analyses and crash simulations will be prioritized.

The aim of every formula student team is the optimization of their racecar components to become more lightweight and to improve the performance at the same time. This can be reached by designing aligned part structures, which makes it possible to use the material in its best way.

Out of the long lasting cooperation with the Altair Engineering company the knowhow of the Racetech Racing Team can be continuously enhanced. This leads to a more efficient problem solving possibility and better evaluation skills of the component`s durability.


The Author

Toni W├Ąchtler
Modulleiter Simulation
Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.