Pushing the Borders with a Vision and Experience

CEDREM is a team of young engineers motivated by innovation and high value expertise in composite structure design under high hydrodynamics loading, covering explosion and impacts by numerical modeling. The company offers supports in the creation of concepts, the management of validation testing and the characterization of materials mostly in composite materials. In the past months, CEDREM is awarded by two prestigious innovation prizes, 40th Award « Ingénieur Général CHANSON 2013 and JEC Innovation Award 2014. Their contribution in VéLV Concept from PSA was also honored. At the ATC Academic& Industry Collaboration Day, Karine THORAL-PIERRE, Founder and CEO of CEDREM, will explain how she could find way to combine innovation and business to contribute to making-decision and progress. Her vision and experience can be useful for motivated engineers to push the borders.

The Author

Karine Thoral-Pierre