ACENTISS GmbH was incorporated in Autumn 2008 as a 100 percent subsidiary of parent company IABG.

The ACENTISS team is made up predominantly of experts with a great deal of collective experience. For example, team members have performed in high-profile civilian and military aeronautical programs, and collected experience with well-known wind turbine manufacturers.

ACENTISS has access to a wise-man team made up of experts, now retired, who hold unique and current knowledge in the ACENTISS business segments.
As a start-up company with a flat hierarchy, ACENTISS is free to react in a flexible and dynamic way to the client needs.

The ACENTISS vision offers clients synergy based on a multi-disciplinary knowledge base, and delivers efficient and practical solution processes.

The Author

Dr.-Ing. Josef Mendler
Acentiss GmbH