Airbus Optimization Centre: Optimization of a Composite Door Surround with Pre-defined Laminate Zones

Optimization of a piston pin through the using of a metal matrix material.

In the last years the automotive industry is looking for innovative solutions in order to increase the performance and to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. One of the key parameter is the use of composite materials in order to have lightweight components with a high structural strength. In this field of research and development, the idea of  multi-material piston pin is born, the use of composite material for the piston pin permits to have high structural performance and a significant weight reduction.

Through several numerical analysis, the optimal design of the piston pin has been identified to have a optimal  structural behavior for low and high temperatures.The optimized design has been validated for structural behavior and for reliability point of view.

The piston design has passed an experimental synthesis cycle on a engine test bench. At the end of experimental test the pin  had no wear or fatigue problems.

The final design of the bimetallic piston has been tested on road. During the test a decrement of vibration and of fuel consumption measured.


The Author

Marco Morone
Advanced Solution Manager
Virtual Validation Solution