RADIOSS Multi-Domain – Innovative Simulation Technique for CPU Time efficient Prediction of Material Failure in Full Vehicle Crash Simulations

Light-weight design and vehicle safety are just a few challenges during the vehicle development process. They can only be achieved by using innovative CAE approaches.

In order to be able to accurately represent crash events the complexity of Finite Element models is continuously increasing. This is true for the discretisation of component geometries as well as for the description of material properties with models including advanced failure criteria (material failure and failure of any kind of joining). Such detailed full vehicle crash models for explicit solvers may become computationally very expensive.

For this reason the innovative Multi-Domain simulation process was developed by Altair for the FE code RADIOSS. It allows the simulation of complex full vehicle crash models with highly detailed components. By splitting the model in multiple domains with own explicit time steps the computational performance can be maintained compared to conventional approaches (mono-domain with a single time step).

The RADIOSS Multi-Domain approach has been implemented on the Ford Motor Company high performance computer cluster. First benchmarks at Ford R&A Europe have shown promising results, revealing a further potential within the industrial environment of crash analyses.


The Author

Aleksandar Bach, Vincent Dampuré
Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe