Electromagnetics Design with JMAG

JMAG is a 2D/3D simulation platform for electromechanical design which can be used for a large range of application including electrical machines. It can accurately capture and quickly evaluate complex physical phenomena. JMAG-Designer is the main software striving to be easy to use while providing versatility to support users from conceptual design to comprehensive analyses. In addition to Designer, JMAG-Express and JMAG-RT are available in the JMAG family: The first one is a design tool that allows you to perform motor concept and basic design. The second one is a motor model (Real-Time Model) can be created and can be used in control simulators to reproduce phenomena including the nonlinear characteristics and torque variations of motors. Motors are considered mature products with 100 years of history, yet the demand for higher efficiency is still rising, increasing the competitiveness of motor development. FEA is essential to develop motors and maintain a competitive edge. Since JMAG's release, it has been used in a number of motor development projects around the world. However, JMAG is also able to calculate accurately many other applications like transformers, reactors, solenoids, actuators etc and provide dedicated tool to improve the simulation workflow.

The Author

Mr. Thiebaud Pfister
Application Engineer