Sensorless Control of Electric Drives

Achieving near perfect torque/speed control of an electrical machine without the use of external shaft sensors is readily achievable at low cost with the latest Texas Instruments™  microprocessors.  This presentation examines the challenges  associated with achieving this goal and considers a solution based on the Texas Instruments™,  ‘InstaSPIN™’  concept which is universally applicable to three-phase PM and Induction machines.  A brief outline of this approach will be given where used is made of VisSim™, which is an embedded software control environment that gives the user the ability  to  develop  comprehensive motor drive firmware, without having to be C-code literate. 

The ‘InstaSPIN™’ solution has been applied worldwide, to a range of application which includes: washing machines, electrical bicycles, electric vehicles. Furthermore, efficient induction machine based applications for electric fans have been developed to date. Further details on some of the products developed will be discussed in the presentation.


The Author

Prof. Dr. ir. Duco W.J.Pulle