Searching for the optimum between practical project expertise and process competence – optimized component design in the development process by using HyperWorks

A major challenge of today´s development processes is to find the optimal balance between practical project expertise and process competence. The present MAGNA STEYR paper describes some fundamental aspects on the example of structural durability. In this phase of the development process HyperWorks plays a vital role. To gain a better understanding for the approach chosen by MAGNA STYEYR, we look, first, at the tasks of the Structure & Durability Department, a subdivision of the Complete Vehicle Department. Secondly, we refer to major modules within an efficient process chain and will discuss a number of specific examples, as, for example:

  • the wide variety of software: as few as possible – as much as necessary

  • CAE car body management

  • the virtual product optimization

Following a presentation of the process competence, various specific examples will be given to describe the project expertise:

  • Stiffness based multi-objective optimization of a car body section

  • Strength based design of a composite high pressure tank

  • Damage based shape optimization of a threaded tank valve component under pulsating pressure regarding bolt preload and nonlinear material behavior

Finally, each user has to assess for her/ himself, in which way the presented MAGNA STEYR approach towards an overall optimization of project- and process competence, might be realized in the own company.


The Author

A. Falkner, G. Kepplinger, F. Schmalhofer
Magna Steyr AG & Co KG