Challenges and requirements for automated processes in Commercial Vehicle Development

Increasing customer requirements regarding a commercial vehicle’s economical features such as lower fuel consumption and a better payload/weight ratio, but also a rising demand for more comfort and a more flexible use of the vehicles, lead to complex challenges in engineering. The variant diversity, the number of finite element models and the need for parallel product development are a great challenge for the CAE departments. Consequently it is necessary to use the advantages of the modular principle in the virtual development. Shorter product development time involves, that the truck manufacturers start to automate and standardize the manual processes increasingly. A good example of how to benefit from automated development processes can be found at MAN’s Truck & Bus Simulation department. Here the process to analyze frame structures of trucks was automated in large part, to meet the increased requirements with shorter processing times, a higher density of coverage and improved result quality. This presentation will introduce the Software “Frame Tool Box” which was developed in collaboration with Altair. It includes the entire process from building the FE-model of frame structures to the evaluation of results by combining existing Hyperworks tools in automated processing steps.


The Author

Mr. Mustafa Gök
Team leader
MAN Truck and Bus AG