Needs and Trends of Crash Simulations in the Next 10 Years

It is reasonable to assume that the computational resources available to the crash analysis community will increase by a factor of 20 in the next 10 years.  As crash analysis is a highly integrated tool in automotive development we need to think about how to make the best use of this opportunity. CAE-based design means that the simulation will have to get the answer right in 99 out of 100 cases in order to perform its function adequately. How will this be best achieved ? What does increased cpu-power mean for the reliability of crashworthiness simulations ? In this presentation we will briefly review and compare different approaches : do we go for much larger models then what we have today or do we run multiple models of a more modest size in a stochastic environment ?  What will be the computational effort involved in modeling the manufacturing process chain for a number of advanced materials and to which degree will this improve the reliability of predictions with respect to failure ? These and other questions will be assessed and illustrated with recent examples of applications in the automotive industry.


The Author

Paul A. Du Bois
Independent Consultant