Enabling a Standard Multiphysics Simulation Framework for Improving the Design To Cost, the Lean Development and the Efficiency

As tier one supplier in the automotive domain, VALEO provides components, systems and modules to car makers through its four Business Groups: Powertrain Systems, Thermal Systems, Comfort & Driving Assistance, and Visibility Systems. The group strategy is focused on innovative and high added value products, mainly on the CO2 emissions reduction and intuitive driving. In meeting the needs of our markets and products, it appeared important to have a standard multiphysics simulation framework for applying innovative methods, to cut design times and deliver high quality and consistent results. In this perspective, Altair has been selected after a market analysis, and a project has been launched for addressing our challenges. Based on a unified and opened multiphysics environment, this project aims at easing the use of HPC and optimization processes, reducing drastically the number of PLM interfaces, capturing the knowledge and methods for an easy replay, and automating the simulation process to be run by CAD designers. The author proposes to share the genesis and the objectives of this project with the audience.


The Author

Jean-Fran├žois BISSON
Simulation Team Manager