Model-Based Appliances Design Approach

Over the years appliance time to market is shortening and the model support in the appliance design is always increasing its value. Different model typologies are currently used in the project development: 

  • Synthesis models are used in the concept phase to support the technological decision making and the component sizing.

  • Thermodynamic and performance models are a strong support in the duty cycle set up and in the performance optimization. The optimum working conditions are defined with numerical tests using the DoE approach. 

  • Structural resistance and dynamic models are used in the design definition of the critical components.

The models become a knowledge asset for Indesit Dish Washer  and some flash relating to other wet products  and a basis for the future products development.


The Author

Presenter: Ing. Dino Bongini
Innovation Manager – Business Unit Dish Washer
Indesit Company