International Chair “Materials Simulation and Engineering”

The National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) as a higher education establishment created within the CEA (Atomic Energy Committee), the University of Paris Sud 11 and the University of Versailles (UVSQ) providing in close cooperation highly specialized teaching, have jointly decided as Founding Institutions to create an International Chair on Materials Science Simulation and Modelling, named "Materials Simulation and Engineering" (MSE).

The aim is to form a network of excellence on all scales of modelling and simulation in the field of materials science and to promote interaction between industry and researchers in this area.

The scientific field of the MSE Chair is the Multi-scale Modelling and Simulation in Materials for applications in:

Energy (Solar Energy, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Thermo-electricity, Nuclear Energy, …)
Clean Transportation and Materials for Advanced Applications
(Aerospace, electric cars, naval, composite materials, super alloys, …)

The MSE Chair is supported by the Founding Institutions and by associated Industrial Partners among which ALTAIR Engineering is the most important one in the
field of Modelling and Simulation of Mechanics of Materials, Fatigue, Fracture and the related topics.

Within the MSE Chair activities, the Founding Institutions, in close synergy with the associated Industrial Partners, organize training programs (such as International Schools, Workshops, Masters degrees courses,…) and European professional post-graduate training programs permitting interaction and synergy among scientists involved in the corresponding research programs and the Industrial Partners.

In this scope, ALTAIR Engineering play a key role in the development of the training and research program of the MSE Chair contributing substantially in:

  • The creation of high scientific level specialized International Schools, the first one scheduled for November 2013 on "Computational Mechanics of Materials and Damage" to be held at CEA - Saclay, France

  • The Professional Master degree on Materials Science for Structures and Energy which will be proposed by the University Paris Saclay (UPS) supportedby the CEA-INSTN, the University of Paris Sud 11 and the University of Versailles

  • the co-organization of international workshops in the scientific fields of interest

  • the jointly mounted research activities with the Founding Institutions through Masters students internships and PhD studies

ALTAIR Engineering is an outstanding Industrial Partner and among the most important scientific contributors in the development of the MSE Chair on the Saclay Plateau.


The Author

Constantin MEIS, Professeur.
Expert International CEA - Chargé de mission auprès du Directeur
Responsable de la Mention de Masters en Science des Matériaux