Morphing process for CFD without restrictions

The decision which concept is appropriate for a required system performance is a typical task for technical design and CAE based simulation. The typical work share is that CAD defines the geometry and CAE is calculating the performance. A more modern alternative is a process which is fully embedded in CAE. Those processes are usually faster than partly or non-embedded processes and they require less coordination effort which helps to improve development performance. Morphing for structural mechanics is a well-established method to support such modern CAE-processes.  Unfortunately, used in CFD environment they result in significantly reduced handling performance. The reason is the higher numbers of elements. Another drawback of the Usage of Morphing in CFD environment is the highly limited freedom for robust geometrical changes.

To overcome these issues, KSPG AG and Altair Engineering developed a new morphing process which leads to nearly no design restrictions and respects the expectations for an interactive and creative work flow including assessment of the concept ideas. This gives the high flexibility to integrate the new process in an automated system optimization, which was successfully proven for an exhaust gas recirculation example.

The presentation will give an overview about the morphing process itself. In addition it will address the ides as well as the relevant preparatory work. The example to prove the approach will refer to the integration of the morphing process in an optimization environment.


The Author

Jessica Jasper
Staff Engineer Simulation & Quality Tools / Z-FBC