Acoustic optimization of an engine oil pan concerning the equivalent radiated sound power function

The aim of the project is to find the optimal layout of the beads to be generated on an engine oil pan by using the structural optimization techniques in order to reduce the structure-borne sound radiation. The oil pan is subjected to a load excitation in the frequency domain. The bead, free-size and topology approaches are carried out for solving the minmax optimization problem, whose objective function is the equivalent radiated power function (ERP) at the oil pan radiating surface. The three optimization techniques are compared to each other regarding the following aspects: model pre-processing, time of calculation, post-processing of the solution, as well as evaluation of the ERP-function at the optimum. Furthermore the efficiency of the proposed optimal bead designs are evaluated by comparing their acoustic performance to the one obtained from a conventional bead arrangement. An exterior acoustic analysis is then performed and the sound pressure and the radiated power are evaluated for the optimal designs and the conventional one.


The Author

M.Sc. Eduardo Porto
CAE Engineer
Semcon Wolfsburg GmbH