Automation of Brake Panel Modeling in HyperMesh

In each railway wagon there is a complex structure called brake panel which is responsible for the distribution of the air pressure operating the brake valves.
Our company manufactures a big variety of these brake panels used worldwide in the railway industry.

The computation of the fatigue strength of these panels is an important part in the work of our Technical Analysis Group. The brake panel contains a lot of pipe elements connecting the valve input/output ports. Transforming the Pro/e piping geometry to finite element model and connecting it to the panel chassis, adding devices to the model contains a lot of repetitive operations. Therefore we have developed a tcl program in Hypermesh which is able to solve these tasks with an important gain of time and human efforts and with the reduction of the error opportunities. We would like to present this program and highlight the importance of the user developed tcl programs in the support of the engineering work.


The Author

Dr. Gyorgy Toth
FE Analyst