Automatic Bolt Connection Generation for CAE Model Assembly

Nowadays due to the advances in pre-processing tools, many manual, tiresome and error sensitive CAE modeling processes can be automatized and simplified. At GETRAG the constant re-evaluation of methods used in the transmission development guidelines, lead us to improvements in the model assembly processes. In this work a methodology for automated Bolt Connection Generation between transmission parts is presented. This approach is explained in the following steps:

- Creating a Master Bolt Geometry for the assembly process using GUI Program

- Automatic Bolt Generation

- In case of geometry update, recreation of bolts using the previous coordinates

Using the latest version of HyperMesh v11, a TCL Script is programmed which is used for automatic generation, positioning and contact surface creation of bolts. The sample application and advantages of this method will be shown and discussed in the presentation.


The Author

Berk Yavuz Ă–zberk
CAE Analyst
Getrag Ford Transmissions GmbH