Applications of OptiStruct to FEA Solution of Powertrain Problems

Solution of thermal and structural problems specific to Powertrain modeling imposes some unique requirements on the FEA analysis – this results from presence of such features as gaskets, pre-tensioned bolts and strong thermal‑structural interactions.  In release 12.0 of HyperWorks, in particular of OptiStruct solver, Altair introduced key additions and improvements that address these specific Powertrain needs. This presentation will give an overview of respective improvements and new features in OptiStruct, including contact and friction enhancements, gasket elements, pre-tensioned bolts, thermal problems with contact, etc.  Representative examples will be presented to illustrate the new functionalities and their performance.  Finally, further enhancements planned for the upcoming release (12.0-210) and beyond will be outlined.  


The Author

W. Woytek Tworzydlo, Ph.D.
Director, Research and Engineering
Altair Engineering, Inc.