Automatic Generation of an Optimised BIW Architecture from a Styling Envelope

The architecture of a vehicle Body in Whites (BIW) has evolved over many years through the innovation of engineers and ever increasing requirements for safety. With now growing pressure to reduce BIW structure mass, a question occurs. Is the continuously evolving architecture the optimal design for each new set of load cases?

This presentation proposes a solution to allow structural optimisation to be incorporated earlier in the vehicle architecture design process. By inputting the vehicle styling & packaging requirements the process can propose custom vehicle architectures and its predicted mass in less than 1 day. Reducing user interpretation and design interference, the process aims to remove the inefficiencies in the evolved design.

Using TCL scripting in HyperMesh the design process has been fully integrated into FE optimisation. The TCL automation script provides an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) to guide a user through the setup process within a matter of minutes. Initial topology optimisation extracts the idealised load paths and subsequent shape and size optimisations are conducted in order to obtain detailed information of localised vehicle geometry such as individual BIW cross-sections. This allows an industry viable method of introducing feasibility of manufacture into a topology optimised BIW design.


The Author

Oliver Grimes, Ashley Appella, Jesper Christensen, Christophe Bastien
Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing