Cost Analytics, a Solution to Support the Product Costing Process by Adopting Powerful Functionalities from Business Analytics Tools, During the Entire Product Lifecycle

Trucks’ development process involves a massive amount of data, organized in streams coming from the engineering department, the manufacturing floor, the supply chain and many other internal and external sources. The degree of control over these processes depends on the robustness of the continuous integration among these data streams, which is secured only when integration protocol are standardized and run on a regular and possibly automatic basis.

Cost Analytics approach gives to engineers the capability to forecast and compare cost bandwidths for parts and assemblies from concept development, detailed design and as manufactured, while gathering relevant data from CAD, PLM, ERP, and other data source.

Leveraging Business Analytics into the process of product costing gives value, in an easy and integrated way: quick, reliable real-time analysis and alerts of costs of the product being developed, stronger control over product evolution to maximize margins, powerful Analytics tools to analyze and compare BOMs‚ composition and attributes, to support decisions on how to move forward and minimize risks.


The Author

Ing. Giovanni Giorcelli
Iveco S.p.A.