Process automation for A350 air conditioning system at Diehl Aircabin

For simulation of aircraft components well defined modeling and result processing standards exist. Each FE department and each supplier has to follow these standards. In spite of these existing standards the simulation process itself is complicated, it is divided in many different steps and several tools have to be used. This situation results in long simulation times, modeling and result processing errors, and the need to train engineers intensively.  
A standardized process has been introduced at Diehl Aircabin which follows exactly the defined requirements for the simulation of brackets. The time consuming tasks have been automated. A tight integration of Altair HyperWorks and Microsoft Office allow a comfortable modeling parameter definition, a detailed model and result documentation and it provides advanced model and result checking possibilities.
The engineer is guided through this process, the process times decreases a lot and the model/result quality increases. New or inexperienced engineers can use this process easily. The engineers work is now focused on product development.

The Author

Matthias Eick, Altair on behalf of Diehl Aircabin