The New Approach to Weight Management

A proper Weight & Balance management is a must for AgustaWestland, as it can identify areas where it is possible to save empty weight to improve helicopter pay load capacity and it can trace potential weight increments that might lead to customers’ claims.

In terms of technology, two main applications were delivered to foster AW Weight & Balance management process:

  • AW Weight Assistant: to extract advanced weight information from CAD environment.

  • AW Weight Analytics: to empower the Engineers and Executives to make better and faster decisions by managing the entire Weight & Balance process

Weight Assistant, an integrated CATIA V5 application to promote AW methodologies standardization; this application performs a realistic weight prediction and guarantees repeatability over time and user independence, thanks to an unambiguous classification of weight calculation rules per components and Departments. Furthermore, the automatic calculation of main aircraft consumables (sealant, paint ...)  contribution has been implemented.

Weight Analytics, openly architected and highly configurable tool, allows to visualize, analyse and predict W&B at any point in time during the entire Product Life Cycle, and streamline time consuming repetitive tasks associated with data consolidation.

This application reduces the time requested to asses Weight & Balance and it improves both quality and robustness with integrated, transparent and standardized automation to consolidate data sources combined with best-in-class methods in Business Analytics.

The approach of Weight Analytics supplies a common and integrated environment for the management and monitoring of the product weight since the very first phases of the product concept development: indeed Weight Analytics architecture is grounded on a functional view approach, a way to manage, coordinate and consolidate inputs to the design process coming from a number of stakeholders, both internal or suppliers.


The Author

Dr. Luisa Rovera