Aerodynamic Development of a Road Cycling Helmet: Breakaway with CFD

CFD analysis is becoming a tool of choice in the competitive cycling industry. Cycling product development has taken advantage of integrating CFD in its development process. Significant improvements were made, mainly for drag reduction. CFD also serves the marketing department: multicolored CFD pictures and other engineering data is now the standard for cycling products promotion.

 Following this trend, Louis Garneau Sport, with the help of Lx R&D, included CFD in the development of the Course, their most aerodynamic road helmet to this date. The main benefits they experienced, besides performance improvements, were faster time to market and reduction of development costs.

This presentation will focus on the CFD analysis of the Course helmet using AcuSolve along with wind tunnel test data. We will show the development process, the CFD analysis details and the aerodynamic tricks implemented by Louis Garneau to reduce drag.


The Author

Geneviève Dutil, eng., M.B.A, President
Lx R & D inc