New Numerical Tool Ktex-LayUp Software to Simulate Lay up of 2D and 3D Weave for Composite Process

Woven composite materials are more and more frequently used by aeronautical, wind power and automotive field because of their great performance in terms of mechanical resistance and strength.

Advanced composite products used complex shape mold where the lay-up process require stress in the weave. The mechanical properties of weaves are strongly changed, specifically at local part of the structure by the lay-up process. In fact, after the lay-up, the directions, the angle of threads and the spacing between threads can be greatly modified.
So, it is very important to translate these new specifications in the material and element in FE model to calculate the mechanical behavior of the composite structure. This new tool “Ktex-LayUp” realize this translation and enable engineer to generate FE model with correct threads direction.

In order to make easier for engineer to prepare and make the database for the FE model, the idea is to create new software inside HyperWorks® called Ktex-LayUp.

The aim of this presentation is to show the method developed in the new lay-up tool and the interface to use it. Then, several application cases will be described with 2D weave and 3D weave. Finally, a real result of crash test on composite structure will be compare with an FE model create with Ktex-LayUp software and without to take into account the correct threads direction during the lay-up process.

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