Brakes don't Simply Mean Brakes: Challenges in CAE

The current development process of new passenger car has dramatically changed and one of the important aspects that led to this improvement was the introduction of virtual numerical simulation process. This has turned out to be advantageous even to improve the whole development workflow of the braking system. Basically, to develop a new braking system, following fundamental points must be considered and highlighted: safety, comfort (noise and vibration issues), quality, mechanical and thermal strength (durability). Additionally, optimization of weight, design space and efficiency are also necessary. This paper intends to present the importance and challenges involved in the development process of braking system and to understand that brakes simply do not mean brakes. On one hand, comfort issues such as noise and vibration problems will be taken into account; on the other hand, design space, optimization process combined with stochastic analysis will also be considered. To summarize, real life projects with the application of the points mentioned above will be used to demonstrate the prominent advantages and challenges to CAE during the brake development process.

The Author

Dr. Ronaldo F. Nunes
Daimler AG
Mercedes-Benz Cars