Ship Structure Evaluation Tool Based on HyperWork

Given the complexity of modern ship designs, large scale FE analyses are indispensable to ship designers. Such analyses not only are capable of sufficiently representing complicated structures, they are also capable of considering the more than a hundred load cases (including combinations of cargo loading patterns and wave conditions) which the ship might experience. Because of this, such analysis involves a large number of calculations which correspondingly requires a huge amount of computing time.

In order to help ship designers take full advantage of FE analyses while at the same time reduce the amount of computing time needed, ClassNK is currently developing a new strength evaluation tool for its PrimeShip-HULL series that uses HyperWorks as its base software. We strongly believe that this will lead to more efficient evaluations and designs. In this presentation, I am going to briefly introduce this new tool and give some CAE examples of how it can be effectively used by the ship building industry.

The Author

Dr. Ajay Asok Kumar
Claas NK