Sequentially Cold Forming Simulation of Complex Shaped Heavy Plates

Swept lines and derived double curved shapes are not only satisfying an esthetic concept, particularly in ship and offshore structure their implementation is essential for certain aspects like drag of the hull. In ship building it is often about one of a kind or miniseries manufacturing. Therefore the demand for a flexible production process for complex formed plates is at hand.

In modern industry this process is well implemented but is performed manually only. Experience and craftsmanship is mandatory for good results. Then, within several hundreds of steps, the worker achieves a perfect match of the desired contour. An automation of the process will be necessary to take part in offshore production with its repeating structures. Therefore an accurate simulation is a key component.

This paper is about the tasks and pitfalls of a simulation of this complicated process which is stepwise and implemented in the numerical simulation software Altair Hyperworks.


The Author

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Garke
Universit├Ąt Rostock