Airframe Engineering Process at CASSIDIAN

Airframe engineering is supported by several commercial software suites for analysis, design and optimization.

The structural strength and stability analysis & verification is usually done by semi-analytical analysis methods taken from HSB (Handbuch Strukturberechnung), ESDU, MIL-handbook etc., which have been developed and validated over a long period of time. These analysis methods are often processed by Excel- or Mathcad-sheets which are fed with geometry data, loads and/or stresses as well as material data, in order to determine structural reserve factors. Feeding of the Excel- or Mathcad sheets with input-data is usually done in a (semi-)-manual process. So far there are no commercial solutions available, which combine all methods, geometry, loads/stresses and material data within an integrated software solution.

The CASSIDIAN in-house tool Strength2000 has been developed in order to close this gap. Strength2000 is an integral software platform, which combines validated structural analysis methods, CAD- , FE- and material data under the roof of a graphical user interface. This platform allows a very efficient and reliable strength and stability analysis of structural airframe components.

The usage of Strength2000 and its FE loads processor DIANA in the airframe engineering process at CASSIDIAN will be highlighted as well as the future commercial availability.


The Author

Gunnar Clemen
Development Engineer CAE & Processes