Numerical simulation of liquid sloshing and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) inside closed volumes

The presentation will have two different aspects. First, showing how to analyze the nonlinear sloshing motion of free-surface flows inside closed volumes, with respect to contact pressure and liquid height. In addition to this it will be demonstrated how to simulate real fluid-structure interaction (FSI) between liquids and solids.

The solution described in this presentation uses smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) to solve the liquid motion. To simulate the fluid-structure interaction two different methods were used: (1) A coupled approach between finite elements (FEM) and SPH. (2) An approach entirely based on SPH.

The goal of this presentation is to show several numerical solutions for solving problems that deal with large (nonlinear) structural deformations as a result of violent liquid impact. Examples of such scenarios can be liquid transportation tanks (LNG, fuel, etc.), shut off valves, rotary shafts of mixing reactors, etc.


The Author

Ralf Euser