Hybrid Standalone Ceramic / Composite Protection on Advanced FE human Body Model HUBYX

Ceramic material is widely used in the field of personal protection. Meanwhile, composite material is also more and more present for those protections to be lighter while remaining efficient.

Current personal protections are designed and certified using tests led on plastiline blocks without knowing the effects on the body and its internal organs. It would be a great piece of information to know what happens inside the human body during a bullet impact.

CEDREM has developed a faithful representation of the ceramic material behavior using the newly featured material law number 79 using the Johnson-Holmquist equations. CEDREM also relies on its skills and knowledge about composite material to have a faithful numerical representation of it. And CEDREM has also built its own FE model of the human body called HUBYX.

It is very important for protection designers to see how the different materials used to protect the body interact with the threat, with each other, and with the body that has to be protected. The expertise of CEDREM allows engineers to have a faithful representation of the threat, of the different materials composing the protection and of the human body wearing the protection, including a representation of what happens to the different organs inside the body during the impact.

The aim of the presentation is to show how the models of the threat, the protection and the body have been built and validated. A case of a threat impacting HUBYX wearing a hybrid standalone ceramic / composite protection and the related results will also be presented.

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