Strengths and Weaknesses of the Different Contact Formulations Available in Explicit Software

The following multiple contact formulations are available in the RADIOSS code:

• Lagrange multiplier kinematic formulation
• penalty formulation with contact detection based on prescribed contact zone
• penalty formulation with contact detection based on surface intersection

I will present some comparison of these formulations to analyze the strengths and the weakness of the different approaches. This evaluation will not only be based on classical comparison of these different formulations but will also analyze the interaction with other RADIOSS options. I will particularly consider the interest of each formulation in association with options allowing a time step increase:

• Constant nodal time increase time step with mass scaling
• Element time step keep a constant time step by switching to small strain formulation
• Advance mass scaling allow a high time step increase


The Author

Gérard Winkelmuller
Altair Development France