Damage and Failure Mechanism Study of Composite/hybrid Crush Tubes during Axial Crush through Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and hybrid metal/composite are considered to be a good candidate for energy absorption due to their high specific energy absorption (SAE) as the ratio of energy absorbed by the tube mass. However, composite damage distribution in the components should be carefully designed to confine the damage progression in the load application region and prevent any premature catastrophic failure. The purpose of the present article is to address different damage and failure modes triggered in composite crush tubes that have different ply orientation angle. The modeling strategy is validated by experimental quasi-static crush tube experiments. Our study contains a comprehensive damage mode tracking in each ply to identify the effectiveness of the candidates. The damage modes contain the fiber failure matrix cracking and failure as well as delamination failure. The material properties are defined through constituent properties in terms of fiber and matrix where both micromechanical and micromechanical failure are taken into account. A consistent calibration procedure is used to characterize the constituent property by using material characterization and quantification (MCQ) software. The correlation between the damage propagation is compared with the overall crash response in terms of crush load versus crush displacement.

The Author

Dr. Angelo De Fenza
AlphaSTAR Corporation