Alternative Model Order Reduction in Elastic Multibody Systems

Reliable and fast simulations are of crucial nature in the modern development process of technical products. Two frequently used methods in structural dynamics are the finite element method (FEM) and the method of elastic multibody systems. The elasticity of a single component is in this context modeled with linear second order differential equations which result from a spatial discretization. In industrial applications, such as NVH analyses or the simulation of gear trains, the discretization tends to be very fine which results in a huge number of degrees of freedom. The idea of linear model order reduction is to reduce the number of elastic degrees of freedom drastically while maintaining the characteristic dynamics of the component. Apart from industrially established methods, like Guyan condensation, modal truncation or the Craig-Bampton scheme, alternative schemes from the field of mathematics and control theory are used and show very promising results in structural mechanics. In this talk, an insight into the ideas and the advantages of methods like moment matching with Krylov subspaces and Gramian matrix based reduction will be pointed out and the tool Morembs is presented which can nicely provide modern model order reduction facilities within the usual industrial software chain.


The Author

Dipl.-Ing. Philip Holzwarth
Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics
University of Stuttgart