Stamping Process Integration of Composites in Crash Analysis

Thermoplastic composites (TPC) developed by Solvay Engineering plastics are composites based on polyamide 6 or 6.6 as a matrix and can be reinforced with glass fibers or carbon fibers. The two main interests vs. TPC. thermosetting composites are cycle time and recyclability. The development of TPC PA66 or short fiber hybrid structures / TPC PA66 is today's challenge.

TPC composites using techniques formatting such as stamping from a consolidated composite plate (obtained by thermocompression). The various steps of stamping process are: heating, transfer to the press, pressing and cooling combined.

Numerical modeling (the process and the behavior of structures TPC) is supporting the development of these materials and their applications.

The objective of this presentation is to:

  • Simulate the stamping process of a composite part with continuous reinforcement,

  • Take into account the consequences of this method of stamping (changing fiber orientations, thickness changes, integration of residual stresses) on the mechanical behavior of the composite in a calculation of crash.


The Author

C├ęcile DEMAIN
Solvay Engineering Plastics