Impact of a new regulation for Child Restraint Systems on the crash simulation

Injuries to children involved in car collisions can be significantly reduced if they use a suitable car seat. All Child Restraint Systems CRS (or car seats) sold in the EU must conform to the United Nations Regulation. A new regulation on CRS, known as the “I-Size regulation”, will be adopted in 2013 by the UNECE. Dorel has been highly active in establishing this new regulation because younger children will be better protected when travelling by car following the adoption of I-Size.

In this presentation, the key challenges for CRS development with I-Size will be presented and compared to the existing R44 regulation. The impact on the crash simulation will be explained in the second part.

In fact, the integration of side impact protocol implies new axes for the crash simulation.

One concerns the calibration and validation of new sled test elements such as bench foams and side impact door padding.

Another axe is the introduction of a new generation of child dummies called the Q-dummy, replacing the P-dummy. The simulation has to validate the global behaviour and the additional performance criteria of these new dummies in not only frontal but also side impact. This step is necessary to validate CRS design not only in terms of the integrity of CRS but also in terms of performance.


The Author

François Renaudin – Safety Research Manager - DOREL
Sylvaine Pormente – Simulation Engineer – DOREL