HyperCrash Dummy Positioning Using RADIOSS Fast and Accurate Innovative Features

Dummy positioning needs more and more precision and sometimes moving a leg will create source of troubles or inaccuracy due to intersections at the beginning of the safety study. To avoid such troubles and increase the accuracy of the safety analysis,  a process has been developed in HyperCrash based on RADIOSS simulations.  The positioning of the dummy considered as a quasi-static process uses the AMS option in RADIOSS to reduce considerably the computation time making the process practically instantaneous. Such innovative RADIOSS option as well as the Multi-domain method are new ways:

  • to run nonlinear problems bringing down to the implicit field the explicit  one

  •  to include local zoom on  detailed physical behaviors of a component like rupture

The presentation will give an overview of the HyperCrash positioning capability using RADIOSS simulation and introduce these innovative solutions available in RADIOSS to reduce the CPU cost while preserving the accuracy.


The Author

Fabien Breda & Lionel Morançay