Sensitivity Evaluation of Welding Seams in Durability Analysis with FEMFAT

Modelling of welding seams is very different in most of the FE-codes. Some swear to the detailed modelling with every little detail – totally impractical with long weldseams. Some others like the idea to keep it simple, like FEMFAT users, who describe the seam by coincident nodes of two shell meshes. The simplicity has the disadvantage that it cannot consider the very important details. But how easy it is in simulation to repeat an analysis and compare the best with the worst case scenario. If the engineer achieves the knowledge where in the component the mechanic has to take more care about the weld geometry, the gap between the parts, the thickness of the weld,… this can give the most important information for best design of welded components. An example will be shown.


The Author

Axel Werkhausen
Manager FEMFAT Support