DSHplus and AcuSolve - Fluid Power System Simulation Hand in Hand

Today the dynamic behavior of complex fluid power systems is typically simulated with 1D system simulation programs such as DSHplus. But, if accuracy requires modeling details at component level this technique comes to its limits. The representation of pressure losses of complex flow channel geometries, such as the bores in hydraulic manifold of heavy machinery or the customized pipe layouts in automotive applications or aerospace applications, cannot be achieved with a series connection of 1D system components. Since a measurement of flow losses of such geometries is usually not feasible, CFD simulation with programs such as AcuSolve is a suitable supplement. The paper will present a simulation workflow where the complex flow channel geometry is initially modeled in AcuSolve. From the 1D system simulation in DSHplus the operation range of the system in terms of expected pressure differences and flows is known. Using this knowledge as boundary condition for the AcuSolve CFD simulation, it is possible to simulate individual pressure loss numbers that cover the entire operating range of the hydraulic component. These pressure loss numbers will be post-processed and be transferred into a DSHplus component, thus representing the proper resistance behavior of the flow channel in the 1D dynamic system simulations.  


The Author

Dr. Heiko Baum
Managing Director
FLUIDON Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik mbH