FTire Real-Time Application: Solver improvements and SMP execution

The contribution presents all measures that have been implemented to make the high-end tire model FTire real-time capable, for 4 or even more instances in parallel.

This is achieved in several steps:

  • by making FTire fully thread-safe

  • by optimizing multi-threading with respect to special properties of FTire

  • by deactivating certain, rarely used model extensions

  • by shifting certain output generation from the solver phase to post-processing

  • by improving and fine-tuning solver numerics, especially the internally used integrator

  • by slightly reducing the timely and spatial resolution in such a way that it is still sufficient in most vehicle-dynamics-relevant conditions.

The presentation will discuss the achieved computational speed-up in dependency on numerical settings, and at the same time show the impact of these variations on the accuracy of the results, both in time and frequency domain.

Finally, it is proven that FTire can be used within real-time applications like driving simulators and HiL, thus considerably widen FTire's application range, and at the same time making an important contribution towards more realistic driving simulators and ECU test signals.

The Author

Gerald Hofmann
cosin scientific software