Optimization Center – Consistent Integration of Structural Optimization in the Development Process of Passenger Cars

Since many years the use of numerical structural optimization is an integral part of the development process in the automotive industry and helps in the design of load-specific and mass-efficient components.

Due to higher requirements for cars, regarding performance and costs it becomes increasingly important to leverage structural optimization consequently during the entire development process. Especially in early concept phases it is important not to limit structural optimization to single parts and requirements, but taking into account entire assemblies or full vehicles when evaluating relevant performance specifications. Thus it is possible to efficiently highlight light weight potentials and sensitivities in the context of the requirements and, due to the creation of a basis for decision-making, to streamline the design more balanced covering all relevant attributes.

The goal of the optimization center is to bring the established numerical structural optimization to the strategic level of a vehicle development program.

The Paper answers the following questions based on an example of a current development project:

  • What is an Optimization Center?

  • How was the Optimization Center integrated into existing development processes?

Which optimization methods where used at which point in time and what were the objectives?


The Author

Dr. Karsten Bohle
Dr. Bernhard Wiedemann
Dr. Boris Kuenkler
Prof.-Dr. Lothar Harzheim