Engineering Process Improvement for S/C Structures at RUAG Space using HyperWorks

"Throughput time" or "Time to Market" is a key element for Spacecraft Structures.

For the Customer, the structure is the first element required to start the integration of the spacecraft and it is essential that it can be delivered in time. On the other hand, inputs for the design of the structure can be delivered very late depending on the development of the equipments which are mounted on it.

For the Contractor, the duration of the project has a direct influence on the costs and there as well on-time delivery is crucial.

However, late inputs require flexibility and efficiency to limit the impact on the development and manufacturing time.

This presentation shows examples of automatisation and standardisation of analysis processes which have been implemented at Ruag Space for the development of Spacecraft Structures using the Altair HyperWorks Solution.


The Author

Franck Mouriaux
Senior Manager Engineering & Development
RUAG Schweiz AG