The Architecture for Discovery – Accelerating Innovation in Design and Simulation at any Scale

During the last decade, key technologies and products from HP and Intel  were helping engineers boosting their innovation and discover more In less time.  This development is depending on 3 vectors:

  • Key technologies, such as parallelization to enable sustained and efficient performance increase;

  • The ability of solvers to make use of these aforementioned technologies  to drive significant reduction in simulation runtimes and get more design cycles as well as higher quality out of a given licence budget,

  • And easier and more “democratic” use of simulation making sure innovation is no longer just the domain of large enterprise  or HPC experts

In this talk we will present an outlook on how our technologies and products will help not only to continue but  accelerate HP – Intel value add   on all of those vectors.

The Author

Jean-Luc Assor
W worldwide Segment Manager
CAE & EDA – Hyperscale Business Unit

Stephan Gillich