EHTC 2009

ALCAN Experience with HyperXtrude 9.0 and 10.0

Mehdi Ben Tahar, Alcan

Rio Tinto Alcan extrudes aluminium alloys for a wide range of applications such as building, automotive, rail and aerospace. For both profiles with large volume production and for niche products with specific technical requirements Alcan is continuously looking for competitive advantage. Extrusion modelling by using FEM code is an efficient way to reach this objective.

Alcan has used the Altair product HyperXtrude for several years to support plants developing more reliable die designs, increasing productivity and assessing profile quality issues.

The main challenges for numerical simulation today are the reduction in response time for die design on the one hand and the improvement in model predictions on the other hand.

In this context, we will discuss in this presentation: the advantage in switching from Hexa elements (HX 8.0) to tetra elements (HX 10.0); the time saving and flexibility offered by the wizard tool; feedback on transverse weld calculations and a new tuning parameter; and the use of the export tool to mesh temperature and loads on the work piece contact surface for die calculations.


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