EHTC 2009

Process & Data Management in a Structural Sizing Procedure

Nicolas Kawski, Sogeti

Sogeti High Tech is now a leader in the implementation of CAD-CAE Link processes in the structural sizing area, something that was considered as science-fiction five years ago by most of our customers: the general availability of mature processes solutions that could cross many disciplines, technologies and platforms was an important milestone to achieve this. Indeed, this allows us to go further in our constant search we pursue in simplifying the everyday work of our engineers, letting them focus on their added value. The underlying data management layer took also many years to be fully connected to the engineering workflows.

Our presentation will go quickly over the industry achievements of the past couple years in both the process and data management areas: we will then present some of the areas Sogeti High Tech is currently researching and our vision of the future backed by a proven methodology to accompany our customers through their transformations.


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