EHTC 2009

Optimization of Passenger Car Brake Systems by Stress Analysis

Rolf Klamann, Continental Teves

The topic mechatronic simulation is cross-sector gaining more and more significant. What constitutes a successful and innovative mechatronic product, namely the synergetic integration of mechanics, electrics/electronics and software, presents itself as a big challenge in the development.

Especially in the Automotive environment the development of security parts like brake systems the analyse and optimization of each component has a very high importance. Weight reduction of brake systems with parallel increase of car weight and speed is the challenge we must solve today. The second aspect is the reduction of real tests to save money as much as possible.

The simulation results are as state-of-the-art mandatory of the product release process.
Continental is since a lot of years in front of using simulation tools in this area to manage and optimize best-in-class products before SOP and during production.

This will guarantee the future of one of the key supplier in the automotive industry.


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