EHTC 2009

Extrusion Analysis Intelligence

Massimo Bertoletti, Marco Bosisio, A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica Uno Informatica integrates with EMS (solution to manage a whole extrusion plant) the business intelligence system HiQube; this choice has been done to offer to extrusion companies management and EMS users the best technologies currently available on the market.

The most important aspect of this solution is to make the user able to identify the strategical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)of the company; thanks to this indicators the management can identify quickly any critical situation that jeopardize the company efficiency and then planning immediate corrective actions to restore the optimal productive situation.

A basic aspect of this step is the automatic data collection and exchange provided by EMS: in this way EMS is an always upgraded data source, HiQube model can be always realtime updated and the user has nothing to do manually.

As extruded products life cycle is more and more short the management needs both an overview and a detailed view of his production; the target is the constant control of parameters like productivity, scraps and quality and in this complex scenario KPIs have a key role.

The integration between EMS and HiQube joins the automation and the knowledge of the extrusion process with the best data analysis technology.


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