EHTC 2009

Topological Optimisation of Satellites Structures

Nikolas Kawski, Sogeti

In the aerospace industry, the gain in mass is a major issue which, when it is solved, leads to significant cost reduction. Through this presentation we will present the gain in mass obtained on a satellite structure through an optimisation process.

The challenges of any research of new design are to reach a concept respecting specific criteria, for example frequency level, as well as to ensure its manufacturability.

In order to satisfy these constraints, our research of new concepts of satellites coupled a topological optimisation to a sizing optimisation of a finite element model. The definition of a new design is reached through the topological optimisation, respecting both frequency level and manufacturability. Then, the sizing of this new design is optimised in order to find the lightest structure respecting our stress and frequency criteria.

The OptiStruct solver associated to HyperMesh (Altair products) enables the management of a complete research of innovative designs, from topological to sizing optimisation.


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